In-House Dental benefit plan

Two Cleaning A year



You will have two healthy cleanings (D1110) a year fully covered, at no charge. If you need more than two, the cost will only be $79.00.

All your exams and xrays


Dr. Rosenbaum will perform any exams that you may need for the year, including any emergency exams, will be covered at no additional charge.

All of your x-rays


All of your x-rays will be covered. Any individual, bite wings, or full mouth series of x-rays will be covered at no additional charge.

The staff you know and love


As always you will receive the highest quality of care from our expert staff. 

30% off most treatment


You will benefit from a generous 30% off discount on any restorative or preventative treatment. Most cosmetic treatment will also be available at 30% off. The exception being veneers and clear braces.

No annual maximums


Unlike traditional insurance, this dental benefit has no annual maximum, no deductible and best of all the year of benefits you will receive begin when you purchase the plan!